Alpha One Body Station
Integrative Massage by Sheri
3006 N. High St. - suite B
Columbus, Oh 43202
614/262-8338 or cell phone: 740/412-1656
Call for appointment  9 am - 6 pm
Appointment hours 12:30 - 5:30 M-F
other times available by request
"One Stop Fixes it All "
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Therapeutic Massage
Swedish Relaxation
Body Work
Hot Stone Therapy
Neuromuscular Massage
Trigger Point Therapy

Energy Balancing
Holistic Kinesiology
Foot Detox Ion Treatments
Far Infrared Ray Sauna
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Licensed Massage Therapist
State of Ohio

call for appointment:
cell phone: 740/412-1656

E-mail Sheri if you would like an appointment !

Alpha One Body Station is planning on opening  up an office in Columbus, Ohio 
(probably in the Clintonville area) in July or August of 2006.
Sheri currently travels to your home or office to do massage or body
work on you.

Most of Sheri's Massage Therapy clients come to her by word of mouth, recommended by current clients.
Sheri is extremely talented, and very intuitive.
She listens with her heart and has a very deep understanding of what makes people tick.

Sheri graduated from the American Institute of Alternative Medicine as a massage therapist,
and is licensed in the state of Ohio as a Massage Therapist.
 Prior to that, Sheri studied nursing for 1 year.
Sheri has also trained for 9 years in Applied Kinesiology,
and has a certificate as a Holistic Coach from Journeys of Wisdom.

Sheri describes in her own words her philosophy of life
which is embodied in her massage practice:
I do reiki & energy balancing as well as therapeutic massage.  I use holistic kinesiology to access hidden issues which are locked into the body tissues.  I own the belief that we are energy beings and that we are here to learn how to love.  Love starts with love of self.  We are all here on a journey of the heart and soul which equates to "Soul Evolution."
"Let us help you help yourself." is our mission statement.  I have discovered that energy follows intent.  So my mission is to provide a safe environment for my client to become still and quiet and completely relaxed, and thus tap into the mind-body connection, which will allow growth at every level of their beingness.   When you become still and quiet, you are learning how to become mindful.  Once relaxed, you understand that you have everything you need inside to heal at any and all levels.   To integrate your fears takes great courage.  So a safe environment to self-discover is of the utmost importance.  Perfect love casts out all fears.  And you are that LOVE.  To realize this brings balance on every level of your beingness:   emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and intuitively.
The game of life begins and ends with you.  To know thyself is to love thyself.  I am here to love that I love.   My number one life priority is to empower and to assist others in their healing on all levels so they are able to fulfill their life purpose and to walk their path with greater courage,  balance and understanding.

Sheri has had many experiences in life, that have helped to make her very effective in the work that she does.
Sheri lives in Central Ohio, a little south of Columbus, and can travel to your home.
Or she can arrange to meet you in a temporary office in Columbus.

If you would like to make an appointment with Sheri, please email her today !

As mentioned at the top of this page, Sheri plans on opening up: 

Alpha One Body Station - A one-stop body station for you to fulfill many of your body needs in one stop.
Sheri will then be able to do whatever therapy you require on you at her new office.

Products that she has found particularly helpful to her will be on display there, and can be purchased there.
Some of these same products can be ordered from this Alpha One Body Station website.

To go to our page on these products, click here now.

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